Playing the Percentages: Tips to find the high-player returns

If you know where to look, the rewards for players on the slot machine floor are high. สมัคร PGSLOT

If you arrive at the casino and directly enter the slot machine floor, then your main goal is likely to be to enjoy the entertainment of today’s various slot machine games. However, if your goal when playing the game is to get the best overall return on game dollars, you must place the slot machine near the bottom of the list.

That is, if you have an average budget. If you have a large amount of money, the high-denomination reel of a high-end house can be refunded 97%, 98%, or even 99%; in other words, the casino advantage is less than 3%, which is comparable to many more popular table games. You can also use dollar slots in traditional three-reel mechanical games to get the correct return percentage. You can expect many of these casinos to have a casino advantage of less than 5%, especially in local casinos. ฝาก50รับ100ถอนไม่อั้น ล่าสุด

Those penny slot machines you like usually pay 90% or less. They are usually very unstable, which means that you can occasionally get generous credit rewards. But most of them are played for the entertainment value of the game, not for the player’s return. However, there is an alternative on the slot machine floor that can provide you with high returns with low stakes: choose a table game in the slot machine cabinet. The obvious choice here, not to mention the most widely used, is video poker. Since video poker involves skill and strategy, only a small percentage of players can make all the draw decisions perfectly. Therefore, the house advantage of video poker is low, or even no house advantage. Of course, taking full advantage of this fact requires some training. If this is your first time playing video poker, it is best to learn basic strategies. The first thing to learn is how to identify the best performing variants of video poker. For many games, the key is to look at single point payments for full houses and flushes; these are payments that are often manipulated to affect the payout percentage. pg เครดิตฟรี 50

The easiest to learn is the basics of 9/6 Jacks or better (a coin payout of 9 represents a full house and 6 represents a flush), and the return on investment of the best strategy is 99.54%. It is a variant of the Bonus Poker series : 8/5 Bonus Poker, 99.17%; 10/7 Double Bonus Poker 100.17%, one of the games that truly provides players with perfect strategic advantages; 10/6 double bonus 100.6%; o Deuces Wild, with a premium of 100.67% return Payment plan. (Please note that a 100% recovery percentage does not mean that you will always win; it means that a perfect game has no house advantage or a 50-50 chance of winning in the long run.)

In any video poker game, if you understand the correct draw decision, your chances will increase. If you are a frequent visitor to Casino Player and its sister publication Strictly Slots, you will find professional video poker articles on strategies to get the most out of each game.

There are also many sources where you can find comprehensive tutorials on various video poker games, from a large number of books (we recommend Bob Dancer’s video poker for smart beginners or Jean Scott’s frugal video poker) to those great for learning basic strategies software program. The great thing about software programs (the most popular being Dancer’s “Winner Video Poker”) is that they can not only tell you the right strategy, but also allow you to play games on your computer and tell you when you make a mistake in your lottery selection. .

If you don’t like video poker, there are other options on the slot floor to avoid the usually higher house advantage on most video slot machines. You can search for electronic board games or ETG. These video sources that provide video reproductions of traditional table games or live table games are presented on a regular slot cabinet with slot machine-style betting buttons and payment input/output payments.

Usually, you will find ETG grouped in a dedicated area. Many are set up in a club-like environment. The manufacturer Interblock offers the so-called “Pulse Arena”, which is basically a super lounge with a private bar, DJ and dedicated server, and can create a kind of party around ETG playback. Other ETG manufacturers provide similar dedicated areas.

ETG can also be used in so-called “stadium” environments. Here, ETG will gather around live dealers, and the video of each live game will be streamed to player terminals that may contain hundreds of machines. A positive aspect of this setup is the ability to simultaneously play several different live table games from a single player terminal.

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