Bingo on a budget

Review of Budget Bingo

Everybody enjoys a good deal, getting something for free, or receiving a discount. By contrast, fewer of us want to declare we’re on a budget, and despite the fact that a renowned car rental company incorporates the term into its brand name, the term alone does nothing to motivate people. After all, we are living in an age and society defined by desire (even if that aspiration is usually misguided and focussed on achieving less than amazing levels of notoriety- see also: celebrity culture).

With this in mind, one would assume that the individuals behind Budget Bingo have a reasonably good offering on their website to offset the bad connotations. When the URL initially loads to unveil itself in all its magnificence, first impressions are shockingly mediocre in comparison to what we had hoped for. To be clear, this does not imply they are bad; rather, what is shown does not seem to be especially noteworthy.

The Deals Are Revealed by the Ticker

The site is dominated by a ticker picture that displays all of the fantastic discounts and bargains available to new members. The one advantage is that the ticker truly ticks – that is, the message changes every few of seconds. This alone is superior than a large number of websites of this kind, which plainly have a ticker feature but can’t be bothered to configure it correctly. Nonetheless, the choice to utilize just big type writing—and an unattractive font at that—on a simple black backdrop is unlikely to get much attention.

Below here, you’ll find a collection of thumbnails highlighting the numerous slot games available for play. Again, there is a positive to be gained from this – the creators have made an attempt to demonstrate that Budget Bingo, contrary to its name, is about much more than bingo. The number of games on display isn’t vast, but then again, this might just be a matter of giving us a tiny sample of what’s hidden deeper inside the site. We’ll see as this evaluation progresses.

The homepage’s last part is devoted to the Bingo Schedule. Again, the site earns marks for clearly stating the sort of bingo on offer and providing an estimate of the number of games currently in play. Additionally, it’s beneficial to examine the total prize money available and the buy-in fee. Finally, you want to be able to see whether the game has began before jumping in—no there’s use in entering a game that’s almost complete, but it would be preferable if they indicated when the game has begun to completely prevent slipping into that trap.

Mad as a Bingo

When you click on the Bingo option in the menu bar at the top of the screen, the available options become more apparent. To begin, there are Jackpots as a default selection of games, which are emphasized in the page’s dominant table. Additionally, you may narrow your search to 90-ball, 80-ball, 75-ball, 50-ball, or 30-ball. That is a reasonable range of game kinds — we have seen several in the past that are restricted to maybe three types of bingo games, which does not scream ‘expert bingo site for expert players’ but rather ‘half-cocked effort to get some people playing bingo’. Thus, Budget Bingo’s variety is far from bargain basement, and is more in line with some of the most extensive options we’ve seen.

Slots and Other Miscellaneous

We already know that there are some slot games available to play after you become a member, but the only way to get a sense of how broad this area may be is to click on the ‘Slots’ option in the main menu. Thankfully, this results in the presentation of many, many more slot kinds than indicated on the site, indicating that our original assumptions were true — the slots provided on the landing page were just a sampling. There are also some fantastic games to play, of a far better level than many other bingo sites seem to adhere to, and surely enough to keep you going back for more.

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